Derby results (2 of 5) 19.6.11

Fun in the Laurel View Playground

Conditions underfoot in the versatile cross country playground at Laurel View were very good for the second leg of the Laurel View Summer Derby League on Sunday 19th June.

The action kicked off with the 60cm class which was won by Sophie Winn and The Ferryman on their first outing on a cross country derby course. With Definitely Maybe, ridden by Emma McQuilkin, definitely in second place!

The Seventies saw things hotting up with jump offs to decide the winners.  What a Wizard and Simon Wylie whizzed round to beat Kirsty Marsden and Giro into second place with a mere 3 seconds in it!

The 85cm class was also very strong with clear rounds and 4 faulters going to jump offs at the end Wendy and Laura Warde came out on top, with Jenny Campbell and Bart close behind in second place.

Last but by no means least was the metre class, clear rounds were more than a little elusive, but some excellent rounds all the same, with the only 4 faulter round Rosie Alcorn and Fiorella took the 1st place honours with Nuala McIvor and Erin Faloona on Song of Charm and Orchard Affair battling it out for second place, Nuala and Song of Charm took it on speed in the end.

This popular competition league continues on Sundays 31st July with the final on the 4th September, so there is still time to qualify to allow you to compete for the cash at the final.


Derby – 19.6.11

60cm – 1st The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 2nd Definitely Maybe, Emma McQuilkin; 3rd Trigger, Charlie Jewiss.

70cm – 1st What a Wizard, Simon Wylie; 2nd Giro, Kirsty Marsden; 3rd Busby, Tara Murphy; 4th Patience, Michelle Strange; 5th Big Sam, Michaela Murphy.

85cm – 1st Wendy, Laura Warde; 2nd Bart, Jenny Campbell; 3rd Brownie, Lisa Dundee; 4th Jazz, Lisa Dundee; 5th Ace of Diamonds, Rosie Alcorn; 6th tie Diamond Cavalier, Jackie McKinney and Loughshannon Lad, Gia Traynor.

1m – 1st Fiorella, Rosie Alcorn; 2nd Song of Charm, Nuala McIvor; 3rd Orchard Affair, Adam; 4th Ace of Diamonds, Rosie Alcorn; 5th Ben, Katie Winning; 6th Loughshannon Lad, Paul Traynor.