Derby Day – 13.8.17

What a super afternoon of Derby activity at Laurel View 🙂

Lot’s of lovely competitors came along to give it a go and as always the twists and turns of a Derby course took top gear navigation. Even those who didn’t successfully finish the course, seemed to have a good time trying. If you want another go at it, or you didn’t get our length today, we plan to leave the course in situ for a day or two, so just get in touch if you want to book a schooling session over it.

Read on to see who managed to pull out the stops to get listed in the results 🙂


1st Tinks, Mark Ross; 2nd Rose, Ruby Proctor; 3rd Haribo, Amelia Bannon; 4th Alex, Aine Clancy; 5th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.



1st, Jack, Dasha Zichova; 2nd Alex, Aine Clancy; 3rd Pull the Brakes, Rachael Foster.



1st Cookie, Tori Jewiss; 2nd My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 3rd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 4th Charlie, Aldona Forbes; 5th Loues, Dasha Zichova; 6th Sebastian, Joanne Stewart.



1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Oscar Rua, Charlie Black; 3rd Charlie, Tori Jewiss; 4th Cookie, Tori Jewiss; 5th Loues, Dasha Zichova; 6th Lhiram, Adrian Cherry.



1st TT, David Vallely; 2nd Katie, Benjamin Gilmore.