Derby League (4 of 5) – 11/08/13

It was great to get out into the Derby field again, it hasn’t seen much use over the last 18 months, so riders faced a renewed challenge, with the inclusion of the water and the Devil’s Dyke.
1st Emma Louise Gourley,Jeronamo; 2nd Sophie McGuckin, LVAddy; 3rd Ellen Jayne Hill, Rodger; 4th Harry, Zoe Gilliland.
1st Christine Burns, Harry Hoot; 2nd JeanTopping, Tiger Lily; 3rd Lois Armour, Brandy; 4th Lucy stewart, Chardonnay;
1st Simon Wylie, What a Wizard; 2nd Edana Butler, Bella; 3rd John Reid, French Touch; 4th Ellen Jayne Hill , The Cookie Monster
1st Keely McLarnon, Alfie