Combined Training Times & Details

It’s been a struggle, there must be a storm a brewing as my head is all fuzzy, which is not helping with the sorting of these times.

As always I have done my best with them and hopefully it will all work out fairly well.  If you cannot make your time for whatever reason please let us know. Cheers 🙂

Combined competitors to present at show jumping
within 30 minutes of their dressage time.
Cl 1&2 PC D Level
Comb 10.00 Emma Fleming Silver
Comb 10.06 Debra Ringland Molly
Comb 10.12 Lauren Hill LV Bob
Comb 10.18 Amanda Davison Colour Cruise
Comb 10.24 Sophie McGuckin Joey
Comb 10.30 Teri McAllister Molly
Comb 10.36 Rachael Ferguson LV Jonny
Comb 10.42 Diane Sefton LV Bridget
10.48 BREAK
10.54 BREAK
Cl 3 Prelim 7
Comb 11.00 Stephen Nicholson Margie Mac
Comb 11.06 Roberta Bradbury Jimmy
Comb 11.12 Sophie Winn The Ferryman
Comb 11.18 Jean Topping Tazari 2
Comb 11.24 Donna Creighton Abbie
Comb 11.30 Karen Jeffrey Sir Barney
Comb 11.36 Gillian McCann Duke
Comb 11.42 Abi Gill Guinness
Comb 11.48 Emma McKee Poldark
Comb 11.54 Sophie McGuckin Addy
12.00 BREAK
Comb 12.06 Reah Magee Dunadry Girl
Comb 12.12 Katie McClay Penny
Comb 12.18 Penny/Tara Murphy Rupert
Comb 12.24 Kathy Burnett Chino
Comb 12.30 Nicky Nesbitt Brave Difference
Dress 12.36 Janene Gamble Lenamore Master Maguire
Dress 12.42 Rowana McCormick Mourne King
Dress 12.48 Jill Stewart Holly
Dress 12.54 Lucy Stewart Ziva
Cl 4 Prelim 19
Comb 1.21 Amy Neill Mile Lass
Comb 1.28 Tara Murphy Made in Japan
Comb 1.35 Joanne Jarden MJI Canadian Clipper
Dress 1.42 Rowana McCormick Mourne King
Comb 1.49 Lisa Dundee Annie
Comb 1.56 Jenny Ferris Cloughey Lass
Comb 2.03 Miriam Wright The Castletown Lad
Dress 2.10 Amy Neill Risk It Rebel
Comb 2.17 Paula Dougherty Ardsview Brigadier
Comb 2.24 Kirsty Marsden Loughmourne Diamond
2.31 BREAK
2.38 BREAK
Comb 2.45 Amy Neill Supreme Judge
Comb 2.52 Joanne Jarden MJI Wendy
Comb 2.59 Lisa Dundee Amber
Comb 3.06 Louise McMinn News Item
Comb 3.13 Emma Brady Rosie
Comb 3.20 Emma Fleming Indian Sky
Comb 3.27 Cahal Hurrell Giro
Comb 3.34 Amy Neill Wills
Comb 3.41 Claire Robinson Magic
Comb 3.48 Rachael Ferguson School Horse?
3.55 Judge Change
Cl 5 Novice 37
Comb 4.02 Nicky Nesbitt Fuzzy
Comb 4.09 Shelley Boyle Robbie
Comb 4.16 Nuala McNally Song of Charm
Comb 4.23 Rebecca Nicholls Teddy to Go
Comb 4.30 Joanne Jarden MJI Dynamis
Comb 4.37 Connie Hannaway Soffie Robin
Comb 4.44 Christine Newton Rebel
Comb 4.51 Emma Wallace Mulla Miracle
4.58 BREAK
Comb 5.05 Nicky Nesbitt Donald
Comb 5.12 Shelley Boyle Jori
Comb 5.19 Nuala McNally Rockafella Rose
Comb 5.26 Kerri Hill In the Loop
Comb 5.33 Shane Belton Flynn
Comb 5.40 Erin Faloona Sylvester
Dress 5.47 Gillian Orr Mathilda
Combined competitors to present at show jumping
within 30 minutes of their dressage time.
Competitors Pre entered for Show Jumping Only
80cm Colin Bush Max
80cm James Jenkins Magurk
90cm Amy Neill Risk It Rebel
90cm James Jenkins Rocky
Entry on day possible for Show Jumping only
Guide times for Show Jumping only competitors
30cm Jumping from 10am
60cm Jumping from 11.20am approx.
80cm Jumping from 1.30pm approx.
90cm Jumping from 4.20pm approx.