Christmas Cracker Show – 18.12.22

A festive and fun day was had at the Laurel View Christmas Cracker Show. Not too many horses or ponies travelling to the show this time around due to the frosty weather that had preceded the event, great to see those that made it to compete alongside a whole host of Laurel View riding school horses and ponies and lots of liveries. Lots of folk in the competitive arena for the first time, so lots of encouragement was needed and given by the onlookers. Festive treats distributed throughout the day, kept folk in the good spirits as they supported all the competitors. Grab a glass of your favourite mulled tipple to peruse the long list of winners. To all the competitors even if you haven’t made it in to the top places, congratulations for getting on and giving it a go. 

A massive thank you to all the Laurel View team who put in extra effort to set up and run the show, you are all superstars and very much appreciated. 

Keep an eye out for the photos going live on the Equi-Tog site, so you can relive the festive fun.

Christmas Cracker Show
Tinsel Tangle Obstacle Course
Class 1 – Elf Assisted (Lead Rein)
1st Lily W Maisie Wallace
2nd Lily M Zara Millar
3rd Lily Adalyn Wallace
4th Matilda Mya McKay
Class 2 – Junior Elf
1st Matilda Mya McKay
2nd Connie Cassie McMaw
3rd LV Guinness Lilah Murphy
4th Keady Amy-Lee Cree
5th Rab Anna Armstrong
6th Johnny Jessica McAvoy
Class 3 – Senior Elf
1st Guinness Erin Johnston
2nd Barney Christine Smyth
3rd Storm  Zara Jones
4th Patrick Sophie Laverick
5th Tyson Megan Collins
6th Copper Holly Hanvey
Jingle Show Jumping
Class 4 – Crackers Caper – X Poles (led)
1st Lily Maisie Wallace
Class 5 – Crackers Caper #2 – X Poles (unled)
1st Jack Cassie Fulton
2nd Schumi Sophia McKay
3rd Johnny Ruby Allen
4th Rab Ruby Mercer
5th Silver Alessia Stella
6th Cherry Bella Willis
Class 6 – Tinsel Trot – 30cm
1st Addy Caoimhe Scullion
2nd Toby Rylee McCartan
3rd Lass Alanna Steele
Class 7 – Frosty Dash – 45cm
1st Cindy Lena Twardzicka
2nd Brian Hannah Kernohan
3rd Ben Lottie Hardman
4th Toby Emer Dunlop
5th Lass Maisie Wilson
6th Amy Hannah Hill
Class 8 – Fairy Light Folly – 55cm
1st Jack Flora Clark
2nd Cindy Ruby Park
3rd Ben Niamh Mullan
4th Addy Darcie Baguley
5th Katie Kitty Spain
6th Marley Alfie Booth
Class 9 – Snowman’s Sprint – 60cm
1st Chester Ellen Archer
2nd Cherry Rachel McAlernon
3rd Regi Emily McNally
4th Ossie Man Alara Terak
5th Jack Hannah Wonnacott
6th Patrick Sophie Laverick
Class 10 – Santa’s Sleigh Ride – 70cm
1st Brian Tori O’Hara
2nd Ossie Man Alara Terak
3rd Katie Kitty Spain
4th Guinness Erin Johnston
5th Laura Cassie McMaw
6th Chester Ellen Archer