Christmas Cracker Show – 17.12.23

A fabulous festive day of fun at the Laurel View Christmas Cracker Show. Fantastic to see so many folk enjoying the Christmas craic and mostly in great cheer. Some super performances, many tackling new challenges and those listed below securing the rosettes and prizes for their classes. Huge thanks to everyone for their support. Also to Santa and The Grinch who made appearances in the morning to award the prizes for some of the Obstacle course winners. To the whole Laurel View team who played their part in setting up, running and clearing up things. 

Keep an eye on the Equi-Tog website over the next couple of days to see for yourself how much fun was had. 

Congratulations everyone and every good wish to you all for the festive season and the new year ahead.



Christmas Cracker Show



Obstacle Course


Class 1 – Elf Assisted (Lead Rein)

1st Matilda, Penny Stitt; 2nd Connie, Eva McCall; 3rd Matilda, Ruby McAllister; 4th Guinness, Grace Stirling; 5th Laura, Olivia Shipman; 6th Marley, Thalia McCrea.


Class 2 – Junior Elf

1st Kim, Flora Campbell; 2nd Addy, Hanna Szymanska; 3rd Barney, Maisy Power; 4th Addy, Mya McKay; 5th Rab, Emily Shipman; 6th Marley, Josephine McKay Dunne.


Class 3 – Senior Elf

1st Master Montalto, Erin Johnston; 2nd Schumi, Sophia McKay; 3rd Marley, Laura Armstrong; 4th Molly, Darragh Martin; 5th Copper, Holly Hanvey.


Show Jumping


Class 4 – Crackers Caper – X Poles (led)

No entries


Class 5 – Crackers Caper #2 – X Poles (unled)

1st George, Dominic Mullen; 2nd Muffin, Penelope Robinson; 3rd Silver, Anna McLean; 4th Ollie, Maya McCalmont; 5th Murray, Lucy Johnston; 6th Rab, Grace Jenkins.


Class 6 – Tinsel Trot – 30cm

1st Marley, Gabriella Jones; 2nd Bella, Libby Healy; 3rd Regi, Sophie McAteer; 4th George, Dominic Mullen; 5th Marley, Rylee McCartan; 6th Addy, Sophie Fulton.


Class 7 – Frosty Dash – 45cm

1st Apollo, Lena Twardzicka; 2nd Jack, Ruby Park.


Class 8 – Fairy Light Folly – 55cm

1st Silver, Ruby Park; 2nd Ben, Ava Karolyi; 3rd Schumi, Sophia McKay; 4th Regi, Erin White; 5th Ellie, Emily Dobbin; 6th Master Montalto, Erin Johnston.


Class 9 – Snowman’s Sprint – 60cm

1st Harry, Lucy Johnston; 2nd Freddy, Ruby Healy; 3rd Stockburn, Ellen Acheson; 4th Kim, Flora Campbell; 5th Ben, Caoimhe Scullion; 6th Schumi, Sophia McKay.


Class 10 – Santa’s Sleigh Ride – 70cm

1st Stockburn, Ellen Acheson; 2nd Copper, Kathy Harris; 3rd Olive, Mya Morrison; 4th Hallie, Maisy Lindsay; 5th Copper, Holly Hanvey; 6th Bonnie, Rachel Williams.