Charity Dressage Show (League 4 of 5) – 14.8.16

The 4th competition in the Summer Dressage League will be here before we know it, the Annual Charity Show on Sunday 14th August, this year with all proceeds going to the Children’s Heartbeat Trust.  All entries most gratefully received as always, but if you are free at all please consider coming along and supporting this very worthwhile charity. Extra prizes on offer for the classes on the Charity Show Day, so your good deed could be very beneficial too.

These are the tests on the schedule

Class 1: BD Intro C (16) – walk, trot test                 

Class 2: Prelim 7 (02)           

Class 3: Prelim 14 (06)                                    

Class 4: Prelim 15 (08)                

Class 5: Nov 37(07)                                

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 38 (05); Elem 53 (07); Med 75(02); Adv Med 98 (02)

At the Charity Show we hope to run a dressage to music class, so hopefully all those who give this a go at the Six Mile Water Dressage League can dust off their CD’s and practice their moves. Again the more the merrier, start strutting your stuff and selecting the music that sets it off nicely.

We are also having a special “Men only Dressage” class with selected “hand picked” or should we say “picked on” men giving a specially adapted test their best shot. If you have any “volunteers” for this class, do let us know, though to be eligible they must have done less than 1 test in the past 5 years!!

Looking forward to raising lots of money for the Childrens Heartbeat Trust.

All entries as ever by the noon on the Thursday before the competition. Please note if you don’t get an immediate reply to your emailed or facebooked messages it’s because Linda is heading off for a weeks holidays, we will aim to acknowledge receipt of your entry by midnight on Thursday 11th August.