Charity Dressage Show (League 2 of 5) – 24.6.18

Absolutely overwhelmed with the entries for this years Charity Show, thank you all for your support of this annual event.  We are looking forward to a fabulous day of dressage. I have done my very best with the times, but some of the gaps are a little on the long side, but hopefully they won’t cause you any bother and you will be able to enjoy your time watching some of your fellow competitors. If times don’t work for you for whatever reason, or something occurs to stop you getting our length, please do get in touch.

Please remember as this is the charity entry fees should be paid in cash if at all possible, as they are going straight to the charity box for The Eileen Moreland Foundation. 

Bring an extra £1 or two, or even a fiver to buy a ballot ticket or six 🙂 

Indoor Arena 2 (smaller one!)
Cl 3 Prelim 7  
9.30 Shelley Boyle Seamus
9.36 Kat McQuillan Jori
9.42 Rachael Lennox Fonz
9.48 Joy Hegarty Sha Khan
9.54 Edana Butler Carnanee’s Dream
10.00 Jackie Hanna Truly
10.06 Natalie Kelly Harvey
10.12 Michelle Strange Patience
10.18 Claire Forsythe Bridge House Rock
10.30 BREAK
10.36 Anita Doherty Conor
10.42 Rachael Thompson Cara
10.48 Lauren Thompson Cooey
10.54 Louise Moore Polo
11.06 Leah Knight Twix
11.12 Corinne Robb Braeview Little Lion Man
11.18 Megan Houston Titch
11.24 Claire Walker Urq
11.30 Veronica Ham Alfie
11.36 BREAK
11.42 Leah Knight Beau
11.48 Diane Jones Jay Jay
11.54 Laura Wilson Rennie
12.00 Emma Russel Fidele
12.06 Anne Hill Chestnut Hill
12.12 Orla Carmichael Spritz
12.18 Louise Beggs Picture This
12.24 Jill Hobson The Alchemist
12.30 Eleanor Wheeler Caspar
12.36 Leah Knight Fern
12.42 BREAK
Cl 2 Prelim 2  
12.48 BREAK
12.54 Leah Knight Fern
1.00 Orla Carmichael Spritz
1.06 Louise Beggs Picture This
1.12 Jill Hobson The Alchemist
1.18 Eleanor Wheeler Caspar
1.24 Sandrine Gunst Vechtress
1.30 Sasha Mateer Jay Lee
1.36 Lynsey Moffitt Bailey
1.42 BREAK
1.48 Katie Burns Phoenix
1.54 Louise Alexander Mac
2.00 Leah Knight Wolf
2.06 Anne Hill Chestnut Hill
2.12 Madison Warnock Alfie
2.18 Sharon Galway Miss Molly
2.24 Penny Murphy Ebony
2.30 BREAK
2.36 Gail Hadden Diesel
2.42 Vicki Stewart Chandon
2.48 Sharon Watters Danny
2.54 Liz Thompson Archie
3.00 Yvonne Chisholm Apollo
3.06 Zoey Horner Jane
3.12 Justine Honnart Ludo
3.18 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro B  
3.24 Leah Knight Lexi
3.30 Charlotte Cummings Regi
3.36 Bethany Corbett Mo 
3.42 Rachel Ferres Ace
3.48 Sharon Watters Danny
3.54 Ashleigh Calvin Lady Roslyn
4.00 Yvonne Chisholm Apollo
4.06 Zoey Horner Jane
4.12 BREAK
4.18 BREAK
4.24 Katie McDonnell Annaghs Prince
4.30 Carlan Mowbray Silver
4.36 Holly McKeown Sha Khan
4.42 Amy-Lee Hanvey Toby
4.48 Georgia Rea Admiral
4.54 Helen Gage Rab
5.00 BREAK
5.06 Zara Jones Storm
5.12 Leanne Adams Beechmount Maggie
5.18 Rachel Alexander Nothing but Naughty
5.24 Lauren Alexander Pocket Rocket Dawny
5.30 Chloe Hunt Lily
5.36 Jayne Robinson Ajay
5.42 Sheila Barclay Amy
Indoor Arena 1 (bigger one!!)
Cl 4 Prelim 14  
10.00 Kate Higgins Mr Finnigan
10.06 Anita Doherty Conor
10.12 Emma McLean Josh
10.18 Cathy Quigg Jenny T
10.24 Jackie Hanna Truly
10.30 Natalie Kelly Harvey
10.36 Michelle Strange Patience
10.42 Claire Forsythe Bridge House Rock
10.48 BREAK
10.54 Diane Jones Jay Jay
11.00 Rachel Lockyear Townhill Penny
11.06 Christine Smyth Barney
11.12 Lisa Ferguson Larkin
11.18 Anita Doherty Perkins
11.24 Laura Wilson Rennie
11.30 Emma Russel Fidele
11.36 Olivia Courtney Moo
11.42 Rachel Ferres Mo
11.48 BREAK
11.54 Lucy Toombs Suzie
12.00 Sandra Murray Alfie
12.06 Judi Strange Kirkpatricks Pride
12.12 Rhona Kelly Rosevale Spirit
12.18 Heather Fulton Alois
12.24 Pamela Fulton Molton Crown
12.30 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
12.36 Gillian Holmes Paddock Clover Flight
12.42 BREAK
Cl 7 Dressage to Music  
12.48 BREAK
12.54 Diane Jones Jay Jay
1.00 Simon Wylie Schumi
1.06 Katie McDonnell Annaghs Prince
1.12 Isla Hanna Stellar
1.18 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 28  
1.24 BREAK
1.30 Edana Butler Carnanee’s Dream
1.36 Lucy Toombs Suzie
1.42 Sandra Murray Alfie
1.48 Judi Strange Kirkpatricks Pride
1.54 Rhona Kelly Rosevale Spirit
2.00 Heather Fulton Alois
2.06 Pamela Fulton Molton Crown
2.12 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
2.18 Gillian Holmes Paddock Clover Flight
2.24 BREAK
2.30 Geraldine Lowry Loughmourne Diamond
2.36 Katie Watt Josh
2.42 Jane Hobson Battlehill
2.48 Jacqui Lewis My Toy Boy
2.54 Meaghann Crawford Beechmount Reeba
3.00 Joanne McSeveney Donna Emilia
3.06 Andrew Ross Kinky Boots
3.12 Emma Andrews Waggledance
3.18 Emma Hobson Rolando
3.24 BREAK
Cl 8 RDA WTC  
3.30 Simon Wylie Schumi
Cl 8 RDA WT  
3.36 Holly Hanvey Rab
Cl 6 Open (Novice 23)  
4.00 Hilary Redmond Ludo
4.06 Jane Hobson Battlehill
4.12 Jacqui Lewis My Toy Boy
4.18 Meaghann Crawford Beechmount Reeba
4.24 Alexa Grudgings Emilia Van Erpekom
4.30 Louise Spence Maverick
4.36 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para Gr4 2018 Ind)  
4.42 Geraldine Lowry Ringfort Nimmerdino
Cl 6 Open (Elem 43)  
4.48 BREAK
4.54 Joanne McSeveney Donna Emilia
5.00 Andrew Ross Kinky Boots
5.06 Emma Andrews Waggledance
5.12 Emma Hobson Rolando
5.18 Alexa Grudgings Emilia Van Erpekom
5.24 Louise Spence Maverick
5.30 Linda McIlwaine Beechmount Baxter
5.36 Martina McKinley Oliver Hardy
5.42 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 69)  
5.48 Linda McIlwaine Beechmount Baxter
5.54 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para Gr4 2017 Team)  
6.00 Geraldine Lowry Ringfort Nimmerdino

Thank you for entering to help support an excellent cause.

Eldest daughter Aimee is heading off at the end of July as part of the Romania 2018 project team for The Eileen Moreland Foundation.

The Eileen Moreland Foundation is a charitable organisation that seeks to bring aid to the poverty stricken country of Romania. Communism destroyed Romania and it is only recently that it is slowly beginning to rebuild itself. The vision of the The Eileen Moreland Foundation is to see Romania rebuilt not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. The team and its supporters are servants to the country of Romania, to be used in whatever way necessary, be it through making a charitable donation, painting a hospital fence, or drying the tears of the orphans and homeless! There is a lot to be done!

Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC106094