Charity Dressage Show – 16.7.17

Apologies these are going up a little late this evening, but we are absolutely delighted to have received a phenomenal number of entries for Sundays Charity Dressage Show. So many that we have had to redo the times to utilise three arenas, rather than having the dressage running for approximately 11 hours! 

I have done my utmost to accommodate as many of the different requests received, many will still have quite large gaps between tests, but hopefully competitors will be able to relax in between, with a wee bun or two that are being made especially for the Charity Show (again all proceeds going to Aware NI) and don’t miss out on buying a raffle ticket too.

Could we please ask that you bring cash to cover your entries and any miscellaneous donations to the charity as we put all the entries, raffle and bake sale monies directly into the charity collection? 🙂 Laurel View vouchers and card payments are grand for any hot food, drinks, sweets, crisps or shop purchases as always. £5 min spend on cards.

Anyhow here are the times running in the three arenas. If your times don’t suit, or something crops up to stop you getting to Laurel View, please give us a ring to see if we can sort anything to suit better and if that’s not possible at least we know not to be looking for you on the day. Really hope that most of you can make it along to support this very worthwhile cause and sure you may even win a wee prize on the day thanks to our generous sponsors Doagh Equestrian, Dunamoy Spa, Emma Hobson Equestrian, Equestrian Life NI, Equi-Tog, NAF and Old Mill Saddlery. 

Remember for those taking part in the Laurel View Summer League, this is a qualifying competition, the third of five in the Summer League.

Cl 3 Prelim 13  
9.00 Aimee Davis Marvin
9.06 Leah Knight Belle
9.12 Jenny Beggs Mags
9.18 Jayne Woodward Boycie
9.24 Helen Anderson Murphy
9.30 Lynn Patterson Stainsby Freespirit
9.36 Samantha Hamilton Ziva
9.42 Louise Beggs Picture This
9.54 BREAK
10.06 Claire Bennett Easter
10.12 Joanna McNamee Artic Moon
10.18 Dawn Brown Lexi
10.24 Leah Knight Susie
10.30 Louise Beggs Oscar
10.36 Leigh Stewart-McBride Gino
10.42 Sarah Fulton Grace
10.54 BREAK
11.00 Kayley Carruthers Braelin
11.06 Kristine Lynch Tawneybrack Indiana
11.12 Diane Jones Clady Water Jay Jay
11.18 Amanda Speers Poppy
11.24 Rachael Thompson Cara
11.30 Vicky Carson Kermit
11.36 Susan Scott Taloubet Oz
11.42 Alex Rolstin Webb Charlie
11.48 Yvonne Zellman Splash
11.54 BREAK
12.00 Jennifer McCall Tiernan
12.06 Robyn Catterall Carnsdale Irish Times
12.12 Nuala Quinn Buddy
12.18 Shonagh Magee The Boy
12.24 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
12.30 Robyn Catterall Arctic Eclipse
12.36 Samuel Workman Pendock Pride
12.42 Moya Carlin Trial and Error
12.48 Gemma Goodrich Belle
Cl 2 Prelim 7  
9.30 Rhona Wilkinson Rosevale Spirit
9.36 Amy Whittle Rock Midnight
9.42 Katie McIlhatton Khemistry
9.48 Tara O’Neill Tikkin Along
9.54 Nikita Kidd Moorfields Maverick
10.00 Aldona Forbes War Paint
10.06 Hannah Whittle Mr Murphy
10.12 Rhona Wilkinson Tawnybrack Cosmic
10.18 Vicky Carson Kermit
10.24 BREAK
10.30 Robyn Catterall Carnsdale Irish Times
10.36 Amy Whittle Rock Impression
10.42 Alex Rolstin Webb Charlie
10.48 Yvonne Zellman Splash
10.54 Robyn Catterall Arctic Eclipse
11.00 Jennifer McCall Tiernan
11.06 Nuala Quinn Buddy
11.12 Shonagh Magee The Boy
11.18 Andrew Tate Lynn
11.24 BREAK
11.30 Amy Whittle Rock Planet
11.36 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
11.42 Diane Jones Clady Water Jay Jay
11.48 Heather McGarvie Martini
11.54 Amanda Speers Poppy
12.00 Lynn Evans Who Woodent
12.06 Hannah Thompson Fly
12.12 Moya Carlin Trial and Error
12.18 Susan Scott Taloubet Oz
12.24 BREAK
12.30 Gemma Goodrich Belle
12.36 Angela Hutchinson Jeannie
12.42 Veronica Ham Alfie
12.48 Chelsea Topping Too Hot to Handle
12.54 Sarah Moore Paddy
1.00 Emma-Louise Gourley Bullet
1.06 Janet Carver FHL Woodburn Opposition
1.12 Ruth Logan Ollie
1.18 Sadie Henry George
1.24 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro C  
1.30 BREAK
1.36 Susan Cullen Kauto D
1.42 Emma-Louise Gourley Bullet
1.48 Leanne Adams Beechmount Jupiter
1.54 Rachel Alexander Beechmount Harvey
2.00 Niamh Sloan The Belle Goes
2.06 Janet Boyce Diva’s Diamond
2.12 Rachel Harding Loopy Lou
2.18 Kate Spence Umgall Bridge
2.24 Zoe Black Axel
2.30 BREAK
2.36 Gail Hadden Diesel
2.42 Brian Johnston Lass
2.48 Sandrine Gunst Vechtress
2.54 Amy-Lee Hanvey Silver
3.00 Charlotte Cummings Regi
3.06 Emma Blair Isis
3.12 Courtney Sloan Rosevale Songbird
3.18 Diane O’Donovan Lord Kudos White Diamond
3.24 Michaela Murphy Silver Button
3.30 BREAK
3.36 Ciara Mainwaring Romeo
3.42 Helen McCoubrey Carrickaduff Dame
3.48 Meghan McKee The Twilight Zone
3.54 Roberta Devitt Parker
4.00 Janine Adair Beatrix
4.06 Samantha Hamilton Zayn
Cl 4 Prelim 18  
9.30 Anya Skilling Hey there Delilah
9.36 Leah Knight Belle
9.42 Jenny Beggs Mags
9.48 Jayne Woodward Boycie
9.54 Helen Anderson Murphy
10.00 Lynn Patterson Stainsby Freespirit
10.06 Leah Knight Susie
10.12 Miriam Wright The Castletown Lad
10.18 Carly Douglas Reggie
10.24 Lesley O’Neill Guinness
10.30 BREAK
10.36 Kayley Carruthers Braelin
10.42 Kristine Lynch Tawneybrack Indiana
10.48 Christine Smyth Barney
10.54 Leah Knight Mithrill Lace
11.00 Helen Faulkner Gabby
11.06 Jane Hobson Battlehill
11.12 Meaghann Crawford Beechmount Reeba
11.18 Lynn Evans Who Woodent
11.24 Zoe Evans Cruise and Cruise Alike
11.30 Gillian Orr Queenie
11.36 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 30  
11.42 BREAK
11.48 Leah Knight Mithrill Lace
11.54 Helen Faulkner Gabby
12.00 Jane Hobson Battlehill
12.06 Meaghann Crawford Beechmount Reeba
12.12 Sarah Moore Paddy
12.18 Janet Carver FHL Woodburn Opposition
12.24 Sadie Henry George
12.30 Claire Cassidy Flag
12.36 Shelley McFarlane William
12.42 Jacqui Lewis My Toy Boy
12.48 BREAK
1.06 Louise Spence Maverick
1.12 Veronica Courtney Dave
1.18 Joanne McSeveney Donna Emilia
1.24 Laura Wilson Delilah
1.30 Louise Craig Cooper
1.36 Orlaith O’Hagan Dale
1.42 Leah Knight Zeb
1.48 Gemma Goodrich Mouse
1.54 Julia Fielden Cadbury
Cl 6 Open (Novice 37)  
2.18 Julia Fielden Cadbury
2.24 Louise Spence Maverick
2.30 Orlaith O’Hagan Dale
2.36 Leah Knight Zeb
2.42 Gemma Goodrich Mouse
2.48 Veronica Courtney Dave
2.54 Joanne McSeveney Donna Emilia
3.00 Daryl McKinney Ballylin Ben
3.06 BREAK
3.12 Open (Elem 45)  
3.18 BREAK
3.24 Laura Wilson Delilah
3.30 Louise Craig Cooper
3.36 Orlaith O’Hagan Diego
3.42 Daryl McKinney Ballylin Ben
3.48 Anne Killen Riverview Patrick
3.54 Laurel Faloona Roger
4.00 Linda McIlwaine Beechmount Baxter
4.06 Emma Hobson Rolando
4.12 Lucinda Houston Happy Feet 3
4.18 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 75)  
4.24 BREAK
4.30 Lisa Dundee Freda
4.37 Linda McIlwaine Beechmount Baxter
4.44 Emma Hobson Rolando
4.51 Amelia McFarland Tulibard Shakira
4.58 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Adv Med 96)  
5.04 BREAK
5.10 Lisa Dundee Deejay
5.16 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para V Team)  
5.22 Lucinda Houston Happy Feet 3
5.28 Amelia McFarland Tulibard Shakira