BHS Stage 4 Two Day Clinic – Tim Downes FBHS

This two day clinic on 24th and 25th February 2014 with Tim Downes FBHS  is for candidates who wish to take their Stage 4 Exam.

The clinic consists of 2 x 6 hour day sessions split into 2 hours riding, 1 hour lungeing and 3 hours theory and practical.

The candidates must be capable of taking sole charge of a group of horses of various types stabled and at grass. They must be educated riders capable of training and improving horses in their work on the flat, over fences and on the lunge.

The syllabus will provide candidates with the full details of the exam content.

It should be noted that candidates for the Stage 4 exam must be at least 18 years old for the Riding section and 19 years old for the Horse Knowledge and Care. They must also have completed BHS Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Spaces are limited to 8 people. The fee for this clinic is £200 per person.

There will also be 8 spaces for people who wish to observe the training at £40 per day each.

Holders of the Stage 4 Horse Knowledge and Care and/or Riding will be able to progress to the BHS Stable Manager Certificate and/or BHS Senior Equitation Certificate. The Stage 4 is a component part of the BHS Intermediate Instructor Certificate.

Stage 4 Clinic Application Form Feb 2014

Please note Laurel View will not be holding a Stage 4 Exam only providing training.

If there is sufficient interest in this clinic another one will be run in the Autumn.