BHS Riding & Road Safety Course

Are you interested in finding out more about the BHS Riding & Road Safety training course and exam, then just read on?

If you want to sign up to the course contact Linda at as soon as possible, as exam spaces would need to be booked before 20th June.

The BHS Riding and Road Safety Test helps to educate riders in road safety in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads. Training is available to all riders from 12 years of age and the test is supported by the DETR. It is the only test that any rider will undertake that has the potential to save not only their own life but that of their horse as well.  It is not essential to own a horse in order to take the test as they can be hired if necessary.



Thursday 30th June

6 – 9pm


Thursday 7th July

6 – 9pm


Wednesday 13th July

6 – 8pm

(Practical Riding)



Wednesday 20th July

Time – 4pm






Exam Fee to be paid direct to BHS at least 28 days before the exam date.

Training spaces will be allocated to Laurel View exam candidates first,

 then remainder on a first come first served basis.

It is recommended that you obtain a copy of “Riding & Roadcraft” available to buy from the Laurel View Tack Shop or from BHS bookshop online.

Also a recent edition of the Highway Code is essential reading.


Cost of training: – £55 per person

Horse Hire if required: –

£10 per session (for Practical 13th July & Test Day)

Please book your horse with Laurel View on 9083 0649 ASAP