2022 Summer Dressage League Results

What a super summer of dressage at Laurel View!

Huge thanks to all the competitors for coming along to take part, it would have been pointless without you.

To all the judges and scribes we extend our appreciation for lending your time and expertise so freely.

Cheers to the Laurel View team responsible for setting up and running the competition.

Read on to see who came out on top of the league and don’t forget to check out the Equi-Tog website for photos of the competitors throughout the league.

Class 1 Walk/Trot   Total
1st Laura Cassie McMaw 216.74
2nd Master Montalto Erin Johnston 211.09
3rd Sunny Debbie McClean 211.08
4th Cherry Rachel McAlernon 206.52
5th Ben Sophia McKay 202.17
6th Marley Sophia McKay 194.35
Class 2 Prelim A   Total
1st Charlie Jen White 218.12
2nd Levante Mya Morrison 199.01
3rd Lucky Lane Harry Annabel Manson 196.39
4th Rab Darcie Baguley 189.73
5th Moystown Lass Alice Kennedy 183.85
Class 3 Prelim B   Total
1st Wizard of Oz Hannah Kernohan 211.57
2nd Gortfree Merry Tracey Manson 199.42
3rd Patrick Sophie Laverick 187.06
Class 4 Prelim C   Total
1st Wizard of Oz Hannah Kernohan 209.67
2nd Rhett Butler Joanne McSeveney 205.74
3rd Clady Water Jay Jay Zara Jones 201.87
4th Mr Finnegan Kate Higgins 201.83
Class 5  Novice   Total
1st My Toy Boy Jacqui Lewis 201.09
Class 6 Open   Total
1st Shakira (Med) Anne McFarland 200.98
2nd My Toy Boy (Nov) Jacqui Lewis 194.04
3rd Summer (Med) Julie Dauncey 175.72
Riding School Competition     Avg
1st Laura (Class 1) Cassie McMaw 70.52
2nd Dargento (Class 3) Alara Terak 67.96
3rd Cherry (Class 1) Rachel McAlernon 67.67
4th Ben & Marley (Class 1) Sophia McKay 66.09
5th Heather & Johnathon (Class 1) Alice Lutton 64.53
6th Copper (Class 1) Holly Hanvey 63.48
7th Rab (Class 2) Darcie Baguley 62.83
Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition     Avg
1st Charlie (Classes 1 & 2) Jen White 71.97
2nd Wizard of Oz (Classes 3 & 4) Hannah Kernohan 69.45
3rd Master Montalto (Class 1) Erin Johnston 68.48
4th Clady Water Jay Jay (Class 4) Zara Jones 67.29
5th Summer (Classes 1 & 2) Katie O’Mahony 65.40
6th Afraid of the Dark (Classes 1 & 2) Talitha Watson 65.12