2017 Summer Dressage League Final

The 2017 Summer Dressage League has been very competitive, with lots of very strong competition throughout the league, so our league winners should be tremendously pleased with their achievements and hopefully we see you back again at Laurel View soon putting your best hoof forward.  Huge thanks to everyone for their participation in whatever form throughout the league, it has been a real pleasure 🙂 

The league placings are listed below for everyone’s perusal. The main league classes have been calculated using competitors best two scores throughout the league, plus their score at the final.

While the special Riding School and Laurel View Livery/Staff classes have been calculated on average scores for all who had ridden at least 2 tests as part of the 2017 Summer Dressage League.

League Results


Class 1 – Walk/Trot (Total best two plus final)

1st Master Fool’s Gold, Laura Heatley, 217.38; 2nd Romeo, Ciara Mainwaring, 207.40; 3rd Lord Ludos White Diamond, Diane O’Donovan, 207.18; 4th Beechmount Harvey, Rachel Alexander, 200.66; 5th Heather, Diane Sefton, 198.70; 6th Parker, Roberta Devitt, 196.08.


Class 2 – Prelim A (Total best two plus final)

1st Taloubet Oz, Susan Scott, 208.57; 2nd Poppy, Amanda Speers, 206.35; 3rd Comets Pride, Helen Hoffin, 206.23; 4th Admiral, Sasha Mateer, 200.56; 5th Martini, Heather McGarvie, 197.50; 6th Molly, Julie Dauncey, 195.27.


Class 3 – Prelim B (Total best two plus final)

1st Easter, Claire Bennett, 218.50; 2nd Taloubet Oz, Susan Scott, 210.57; 3rd Comets Pride, Helen Hoffin, 205.34; 4th Arctic Moon, Joanna McNamee, 204.75; 5th Charlie Cavalier, Alex Roleston-Webb, 192.49; 6th Molly, Julie Dauncey, 188.78.


Class 4 – Prelim C (Total best two plus final)

1st Battlehill, Jane Hobson, 205.41; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 197.34.


Class 5 – Novice (Total best two plus final)

1st Maverick, Louise Spence, 202.64; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 193.06; 3rd My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 189.10.


Class 6 – Open (Total best two plus final)

1st Ballylin Ben (Nov), Daryl McKinney, 203.23; 2nd Maverick (Nov), Louise Spence, 197.90; 3rd Ballylin Ben (Elem), Daryl McKinney, 190.51.


Riding School Competiton (on average score)

1st Admiral (Class 2), Sasha Mateer, 65.60; 2nd Heather (Class 1), Diane Sefton, 64.84; 3rd Martini (Class 2), Heather McGarvie, 64.77; 4th Guinness, Silver & Toby (Class 1), Amy-Lee Hanvey, 62.23; 5th Barney (Class 4), Chrisine Smyth, 61.86; 6th Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 61.20; 7th Lass (Class 1), Brian Johnston, 60.43.


Laurel View Livery/Staff Competiton (on average score)

1st Vechtress (Class 1), Sandrine Gunst, 72.40; 2nd Trooper (Classes 3 & 4), Emma Wallace, 71.64; 3rd Poppy (Classes 2 & 3), Amanda Speers, 68.22; 4th Marvin (Class 3), Aimee Davis, 67.50; 5th Clady Water Jay Jay (Classes 2 & 3), Diane Jones, 67.36; 6th Bullet (Class 2), Emma-Louise Gourley, 66.89.