2014-15 Winter Dressage League Results

At the sixth and final competition in the Winter 2014-15 Dressage League when all the scores were calculated and added onto competitors best two scores throughout the league, the following league results were declared and winners presented.

Congratulations to everyone for the high standard of competition throughout another strong league.

Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st Ballinarry Pepsi Lee, Katherine Barnes, 220.81; 2nd JJ, Diane Jones, 220.37; 3rd The Accountant, Judith Hughes, 203.48; 4th Marty, Louise Delaney, 203.05; 5th Laurel View Jonathan, Natasha Lowry, 199.78; 6th Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan, 195.65.


Class 2 – Newcomers

1st Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied, 203.89; 2nd Maverick, Louise Spence, 197.88; 3rd Guinness, Jenny Beggs, 197.46; 4th Mags, Jenny Beggs, 197.15; 5th Inishcara, Zena Martin, 196.66; 6th Its Just Jake, Holly Reilly, 191.20.


Class 3 – Prelim  

1st Ballylin Ben, Darryl McKinney, 222.34; 2nd Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 209.66; 3rd Leitrim Native Choice, Helen Cunningham, 208.66; 4th Flight of the Phoenix, Andrew Robinson, 208.08; 5th Amber, Nicola Dunseith, 206.49; 6th Little Miss May, Lucy Toombs, 204.84.


Class 4 – Prelim

1st Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 234.44; 2nd Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 233.86; 3rd Ballylin Ben, Darryl McKinney, 222.45; 4th Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 212.76; 5th Amber, Nicola Dunseith, 205.97; 6th Josh, Emma McLean, 198.64.


Class 5 – Novice  

1st Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 229.11; 2nd Derryvane Danny, Helen Faulkner, 223.73; 3rd Tick It, Penny Murphy, 223.40; 4th Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 214.59; 5th Josh, Emma McLean, 196.58.


Class 6 – Open  

1st Tick It (Nov), Penny Murphy, 213.28


Riding School Competiton

1st Rab (Class 2), Sarah Saied, 66.14; 2nd Barney (Class 3), Christine Smyth, 64.87; 3rd Tyson (Class 1), Niamh Sloan, 64.04; 4th Bruno (Class 1), Chloe Baxter, 61.51; 5th Silver (Class 2), Kate Spence, 57.80.